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Comfort, strength and style for the places you live and play.

Sunbrella fabrics are the complete performance standard, with best-in-class comfort, color retention, cleanability and strength that lasts. Whether transforming your patio into your personal oasis, replacing a sofa on its last leg, or hosting a gathering, Sunbrella helps you bring your vision to life with beautiful, worry-free fabrics you will enjoy for years!

Sunbrella fabrics’ legendary performance is engineered into the core of each fiber

Sunbrella Acrylic Yarn
Sunbrella’s performance doesn’t stop at the finish—it’s engineered into the core of each fabric with durable fibers that are completely saturated with color.


Other Yarn
Most performance fabrics are simply regular fabrics with a protective surface finish. Over time, however, normal use, spills and cleanings gradually wear away at that finish, eventually exposing the fabric to potentially irreversible damage.

Season after season, Sunbrella fabric weathers it all.

Be it a modest balcony or spacious backyard, transform your outdoor space with Sunbrella fabrics to create your very own oasis. No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, Sunbrella outdoor fabrics make life comfortable. Sunbrella helps you get the look you want with fabrics tough enough to handle the elements and still comfortable enough to spend hours on your patio relaxing.

Beat the heat with beautiful, long-lasting Sunbrella shade fabrics.

Create a more enjoyable outdoor space for everyone with Sunbrella! Umbrellas, awnings, shade sails or pergolas made with Sunbrella shade fabrics help you stay cool and comfortable under the sun while you relax, dine or entertain. Not only do Sunbrella fabrics provide relief from the sun, they add visual interest and beauty to your backyard or patio. Whatever outdoor oasis you have in mind, make it stylish and comfortable with Sunbrella fabrics.

Comfort and style built for real life.

Sunbrella fabrics help make home a place you can sink in to. With Sunbrella, you can create worry-free indoor spaces that look beautiful and perform even better. From sofas and chairs to tufted headboards, Sunbrella fabrics are durable, comfortable and easy to clean so you can embrace all the things that make a house a home—family meals, pets and gatherings with your favorite people—without sacrificing style and comfort.

How to clean Sunbrella fabric.

Life can deliver the unexpected, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day…or your furniture. When you choose Sunbrella performance fabrics you get complete performance–durable and stain resistant fabrics that are easy to clean. When spills or messes happen, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned quickly with mild soap and water so you can get back to living comfortably and worry-free.