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Sleep Science 13" iFlip Napa Memory Foam Mattress Collection

The iFlip Napa allows you to change the comfort level of your mattress by simply flipping it; that’s right you get 2 mattresses in 1. Each side of the mattress is easily identified by a color-coded cover that is also simple to unzip and wash as needed! When the light stripe is on top, the medium-soft side is on top. When the dark blue strip is on top, the medium-firm side is on top. The dual comfort of the iFlip Napa mattress features gel-infused memory foam and latex! Gel-Infused memory foam has extremely effective temperature neutralizing characteristics. When paired with Air Comfort Foam and Latex, you will feel like you are sleeping on a cool cloud of luxury with pressure relieving buoyancy. The Sleep Science adjustable base transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of personalized comfort. At your fingertips is the power to create your perfect sleep position, as well as enjoy reading, watching TV or browsing your mobile device in personalized comfort. The head and foot massage feature soothes the body. Adjustable beds are redefining how all ages relax and rejuvenate. Need help finding which Sleep Science Mattress is right for you?