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Sleep Science 14" Copper Infused Memory Foam Mattress - Firm

Sleep Science 14

Copper is an impressive chemical element on the periodic table. Traces of copper are found in the human body and are required to sustain life. By incorporating copper into our premium memory foam, we have created a sleep surface layer that regulates the mattress temperature and is antibacterial for a comfortable and stress- free sleep.

The chemist at Sleep Science have emulsified copper and memory foam to give you a conforming and resilient sleep surface allowing the mattress to withstand heavy loads of pressure without losing its supportive properties and firm feel. The copper infused memory foam naturally dissipates heat, and releases it outward through the Air Channel Base leaving you with a temperature neutral environment. The sides of the mattress are reinforced and enhanced with the patented Wedge Support System giving you 20% more sleeping surface. The Sleep Science Copper Mattress is taking the benefits of sleep to another level of comfort and vitality.