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Princess-cut diamonds are the second-most-popular style behind the round brilliant cut, and for good reason! The shape is particularly eye-catching, thanks to the way it’s cut. In fact, princess-cut diamonds typically have between 56 and 77 facets and come square-shaped or rectangular. Invented in 1980, the princess is an entirely modern cut, particularly in comparison to its centuries-old pear or marquise-shaped cousins. Many princess-cut admirers might pick up on the fact that on average, princess cuts are less expensive than round brilliant diamonds. The reason for this is that princess-cut diamonds are typically cut out of the stone in pairs, making the process more efficient and affordable. These savings are then passed on to the consumer who is able to enjoy one of the most stunning diamond cuts available, for a slightly lower price. At Costco, those savings are even more apparent! Be sure to check out all our princess-cut diamond engagement rings, and while you’re at it, browse our beautiful selection of diamond bands.