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Sensodyne®, Sensodyne® Pronamel®

Sensodyne®, #1 Dentist recommended brand for sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne® Extra Whitening is the #1 selling toothpaste for sensitive teeth in the U.S. Helps to remove stains for a whiter, brighter smile, while relieving tooth pain caused by sensitive teeth,* and helps to keep the pain from coming back.*

• Sensitivity relief*
• Cavity protection
• Whitening*
• Lasting sensitivity protection*
• Fresh taste

*with twice daily brushing.

Learn more about tooth
sensitivity from Dr. Aja Hall

(Costco is proud to carry Sensodyne® Extra Whitening)

Sensodyne®, Sensodyne® #1 Dentist recommended brand for strong and protecting enamel.

Pronamel® Gentle Whitening provides enamel protection and whitening. It also offers these valuable benefits:

• Helps re-harden acid-softened enamel
• Helps protect against the effects of acid erosion*
• Gently whitens tooth enamel

*with twice daily brushing.

Learn more about strengthening and
protecting precious enamel from Dr. Rana

(Costco is proud to carry Pronamel® Gentle Whitening)

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