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Ecowater Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment

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EcoWater Systems

EcoWater Systems has been making water cleaner and safer for homes since 1925. Today, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of residential water treatment systems.

EcoWater provides a complete range of products to ensure you have the cleanest, softest water and the highest quality drinking water.

Water Basics


North American households that live in hard water areas


Water heater energy costs saved with a water softener


Water on Earth that is available as drinking water for human consumption


Potential water contaminants that are currently not regulated by the EPA

Water Refiners
Water Softeners & Anti-Scale Products
Drinking Water Filtration Systems

How a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Works?

  1. Household water is directed through a prefilter for filtration to remove sediment, chlorine taste and odor, and particulate matter.
  2. The water is then forced, by pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane where a high percentage of the dissolved solids, etc. are rejected and flushed to the drain.
  3. Filtered water is reserved in the storage tank until needed. An activated carbon absorption block filter that removes tastes and odors polishes the water immediately before going to the faucet.
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Home Water Monitoring System

The EcoWater HydroLink Plus® water monitoring system puts information at your fingertips and gives your peace of mind. We make it possible for you to monitor your water use and control your water treatment devices. You can access your system from virtually anywhere and receive on-demand alerts via email or text, through our convenient app, or by connecting to the secure website.

How We Work

  1. Call 1-866-455-1788 to request a complimentary in-home consultation.

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  2. An EcoWater water treatment specialist will come to your home, test your water and provide you an in-depth water analysis.
  3. An EcoWater water treatment specialist will discuss your water treatment needs, finalize your water treatment solutions, and confirm the cost of your project.
  4. An EcoWater dealer will fulfill your order and complete your project, ensuring your satisfaction through the entire process.
  5. Receive a 10% Costco Shop Card on qualifying EcoWater water treatment purchases.
FREE In-Home Water Test
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