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Jewelry FAQS

General Costco Jewelry and Watch Information

Online Orders

Items offered on Costco.com are not available for shipment to warehouses for preview prior to purchase. Some items offered on Costco.com may also be available in warehouses.

Finished Jewelry

Costco sells finished jewelry. No loose stones or semi-mounts are available.

Costco's jewelry is offered in either 14kt gold, 18kt gold, or 950 platinum. We are unable to customize metal preferences.

Care and Maintenance

We recommend you have your jewelry inspected every six months by your local qualified jeweler. Everyday wear, changing the size of a ring, or altering a piece of jewelry may result in worn metal and loose or lost gemstones. A professional jeweler can assess the general condition of your jewelry and perform any needed maintenance.

Your jewelry can be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush or cloth.

Do not wear your gold jewelry while using chlorine bleach or using a pool or hot tub.

White gold may wear over time and may need replating to restore whiteness to your jewelry.

Keep your watch away from dust and dirt. Ensure the crown of your watch is closed securely at all times. Water resistance does not mean waterproof. The rubber seals on watches can break down from frequent contact with water.

Insuring Your Jewelry

It is important to insure your jewelry in case of loss, theft or damage.

Responsible Sourcing

Costco and our suppliers support the Kimberley Process, a multinational initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds, and the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties, a voluntary system of industry self-regulation that assures buyers of diamond jewelry that the diamonds in the jewelry they have purchased are from legitimate sources and conflict free. Costco requires all of our trade suppliers of diamond jewelry to provide us with a written warranty that the diamonds in the jewelry they have supplied to us are sourced from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict. https://www.kimberleyprocess.com

Necklace Length Guide
Click here for larger version.

Ring Sizing

Women's rings are offered in size 7, men's rings in size 10. Select items are available in additional sizes. Costco does not offer ring sizing. Ring Size Guide

Necklace Length Guide

Use this guide to determine as approximation of where the necklace will fall (may vary by size and height of individual). Necklace Length Guide

Returns & Warranty