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Comfort Tech Serene 10" Foam Mattress

Comfort Tech Serene 10in Foam Mattress

Want to take advantage of today's newest comfort technology without breaking the bank? You deserve the very best mattress available, created by a team of bedding experts and designed to offer the best comfort and support imaginable. The Serene™ Mattress is made with a top layer of Serene™ foam – the most advanced foam on the market. Better than memory foam, Serene™ foam is enhanced with Supportive Air Technology™, increasing the level of support without compromising comfort. Supportive Air Technology™ reduces pressure on critical areas of the body, including hips and shoulders, to prevent tossing and turning throughout the night. Serene™ foam also reduces motion transfer, so you and your partner can avoid unnecessary awakenings. Unlike memory foam, Serene™ foam sleeps cool. It is not temperature sensitive, so heat dissipates quickly, keeping you cool and dry. The base consists of high resiliency foam, designed to keep your mattress supportive, comfortable and durable. Features a diamond knit, moisture wicking cover. The Serene™ Mattress is 100% hypoallergenic and is proudly 100% American made. It is always ready to provide you with the best night's sleep at a reasonable price.