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Average Savings of 50% Compared to Typical Bank Pricing*

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Average Savings of 50% Compared to Typical Bank Pricing*

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Harland Clarke is Costco's exclusive provider for personal checks and business checks at incredible savings.

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Personal and Business Checks, Tax Forms & Accessories

*Bank pricing is based on custom Shoppers’ View survey of national financial institutions in November 2018. Prices subject to change. Service is provided by Harland Clarke.

Personal and Business Checks the Costco Way: Savings and Security

Costco offers quality products and valuable services to improve every facet of members' lives. Your experience with Costco can range from buying organic walnuts and freshly baked bread to ordering your personal and business checks.

That’s right: You don’t have to go to the bank to get discounted, customized checks with security features. You can order them online through Harland Clarke Check Printing.

View our Best Selling Checks

  • personal checks high security
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    High Security Personal Check

  • personal checks blue safety
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    Blue Safety Personal Check

  • personal checks national park
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    National Parks Personal Check

  • personal checks spirit of america
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    Spirit of America Personal Check

  • personal checks star wars
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    Star Wars™: The Last Jedi Personal Check

  • personal checks believe
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    Believe Personal Check

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  • business checks laser multi-purpose
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    Laser Multi-purpose Check

  • business checks general purpose
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    General Purpose Business Check

  • business checks high-security multi-purpose
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    High-security Multi-purpose Check

  • business checks laser accounts payable
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    Laser Accounts Payable Check

  • business checks laser
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    Laser Multi-purpose Check

  • business checks high-security manual
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    High-security Manual Business Check

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Real Cost Savings — and Saving a Trip to the Bank

Ordering and reordering checks shouldn’t be a chore. Just married and excited to see your new name in print? Moving and need to update your address? While you can wait in line at the bank, there’s a better and quicker way to refill your check supply at the great value Costco members have come to expect: with Harland Clarke Check Printing.

Harland Clarke offers a wider breadth of products than most banks. Choose from hundreds of check styles featuring interests or causes for a personalized look, as well as business and personal checks with state-of-the-art security features. Looking for a money saver? Try the popular blue safety checks. And, in all cases, your order ships with free standard delivery.

free delivery
Freestandard delivery

No matter your preferred style, Costco Gold Star Members and Costco Business Members can take advantage by saving an average of 50% compared with typical bank pricing.* Executive Members and Business Executive members save an additional 20%.*

Costco gold star member card Costco business member card
Average savings of
50% Off
compared with typical banking pricing*
Costco executive member card
Executive & Business Executive Members
Save Even More!
save an additional 20%
over Gold Star Member prices*

Need to reorder checks?

Have you ordered from us previously? Save money and time when you reorder. Just click "Quick Reorder" to receive another batch of the same checks.

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Prioritizing Safety and Security

Your checks will include the same account and routing information that would appear on a bank-issued check — that's your unique banking information. When Harland Clarke prints your checks, they're equipped with a range of security features to help keep your information safe. In an age when standard-safety checks could result in compromised banking information, Harland Clarke safeguards its checks so you can trust you're protected.

Harland Clarke high-security checks block a wide range of would-be threats with dozens of security features, such as:

  • business checks foil holograms icon
  • Foil Holograms: a three dimensional graphic foil embedded in the check. The hologram is very difficult to scan or copy. It includes three security features within the foil stamp.
  • business checks thermochromic ink icon
  • Thermochromic Ink: heat sensitive ink that disappears when warmed by the touch of a finger or breath, which verifies a document's authenticity immediately.
  • business checks patented security weave backer
  • Patented Security Weave Backer: an intricate, patented design on the back of the check that deters counterfeiting, copying, or scanning.
business checks foil hologram
Foil Hologram
business checks thermochromic ink
Thermochromic Ink

You can browse high-security personal checks and business checks for more information on styles and security features.

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customized checks customized checks

Checks with Any Theme You Like —
from Disney® Characters to Charitable Causes

Your checks can tell your personal story. Harland Clarke offers ASPCA®-themed checks for animal lovers, checks adorned with Disney® characters, and dozens of other themes such as Marvel's Thor™ and STAR WARS™.

Need Ink Stamps or Checkbook Covers?

In addition to checks, choose from personalized accessories including return address labels with more than 100 pet, patriotic, or pop-culture style choices. Harland Clarke also offers dozens of standard and leather checkbook covers to give yours a personal touch.

mailing labels

Address Labels

address stamp

Ink Stamps

deposit tickets

Deposit Tickets

checkbook covers

Checkbook Covers

View & Order Accessories

Own a Business?

Take advantage of sleek designs that give vendors and employees confidence in each transaction.

laser checks

Laser Checks

manual checks

Manual Checks

self-inking stamps

Self-Inking Stamps

business and personal checks federal tax forms

Tax Forms

View & Order Accessories
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Quality and Value From a Name You Trust — The Costco Way

Costco members expect quality and value in every product, whether from the pharmacy, frozen foods, or paper products aisles. Harland Clarke shares the same commitment.

Harland Clarke delivers personal and business checks that meet rigorous standards — the same rigorous standards Costco employs when choosing providers. The extra savings, from time to money, is the added benefit.

Think Costco First.

Ordering is easy. Get started today!

Browse through a variety of business products and accessories online. Harland Clarke offers a selection of self-sealing window envelopes, deposit slips, self inking stamps, endorsement stamps, and more.

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*Bank pricing is based on custom Shoppers' View survey of national financial institutions in November 2018. Prices subject to change. Service is provided by Harland Clarke.